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Guided fly fishing trips run throughout the year and knowing when to bring along waders for fishing Montana is important. You can find rental programs but having your waders is ideal. There are times when they aren’t necessary and others when they are essential.

Types of Fishing Waders

You don’t always need chest high waders, especially when fishing from the boat but they are convenient for cold weather and wader trips. Even in summer, you might be wading deeper than expected to land a big fish in ice cold, spring fed water. Most anglers opt for chest waders because they cover pretty much everything. Go for stockingfoot models and buy boots separately. Bootfoots are great in very cold weather but stockingfoot waders offer more flexibility and comfort for walking and wading most of the year.

If you plan to wade shallow and spend the majority of your time in a drift boat or raft, chest waders are not entirely necessary. Your feet and ankles might touch water entering and exiting the boat and you will wade occasionally when landing big fish or stopping to hit a great run. In this instance, waist high or even hip waders are a good move, especially during summer when it’s hot outside but the water is still very cold.

Another option involves not wearing waders at all. The downside to skipping waders is the loss of water protection. You can bring along lightweight rain gear to compensate when the weather turns to rain, sleet and snow. A good pair of Muck Boots will still help for getting in the boat and tromping around when you don’t want waders.

Spring and Fall Trips

Waders for fishing Montana are recommended on most spring and fall trips. Even from the boat, the weather protection and insulation factors make them extremely valuable. You can always roll down the top when it’s warm or strip off a few layers to compensate. When the rain and snow hits, you’ll be glad to have them. Storms often only last an hour or two but getting wet can ruin a day. Quality waders and a wading jacket make it possible to fish through the worst weather while staying surprisingly comfortable.

Do You Need Waders in Summer?

Spring and fall trips are easy, dress warm and wear your waders in Montana. Summer is a bit trickier however. Wet wading is always nice but some rivers are very cold. Wet wading the Beaverhead below the dam is often uncomfortable, even during the heat of summer. If you’re fishing from a boat, sandals or shoes are just fine but anyone wanting to hop out should consider a light set of waders for summer trips. It really depends on your cold tolerance and how much time you plan to spend in the water. It never hurts to pack a pair in the truck and have them ready just in case. Check out our store to find fishing waders in stock.