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Fishing Reports

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Beaverhead River - August 16th, 2014
  • Recorded:
  • Sunny
  • 77 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent

The Beaverhead is flowing at 362cfs. 

We are starting to transition from the warm summer into the cooler nights of early fall.  At this time of year there is more food in the system than any other time.  

PMD's will remain around until about the end of the month.  You should have PMD dries, rusty and olive spinners, emergers, and good nymphs like the splitback pmd, micro mayflies and psycho mayflies.

The caddis flies are still important right now.  There are nightly emergences that will bring fish to the surface.  Throughout the day fish may be taken on various dries, pupae and larvae.

The crane fly migration is happening.  Size 8 and 10 rubberlegs and crane fly larvae are good.  In the evenings the larvae will be swimming into the mud banks where they will later pupate into adults.  Impart a light swimming action to the flies to trigger strikes along the banks.  Continue this method until the caddis emergence has fish rising.  Also be sure to cycle colors from black, yellow, green and brown as the fish will key in differently at different times.

There are also a lot of snails coming down the river.  These are imitated well with a zug bug, prince nymph, or purple psycho prince.  Midges remain important too so try a zebra midge or another preferred midge pattern.  As always the foods coming from the dam are present so the Ray Charles, Big Horn Soft Hackle and scuds are good.  Fish the natural colors and pink too.
Here's a list of our favorite bugs~

Slim Pheasant Tail Nymphs - Szs. 16-18
Micro Mayfly in olive, brown Sz. 16, 18
in brown, olive Sz. 16, 18
Psycho Mayfly in olive,yellow and purple Sz. 14,16,18
Improved Sparkle Dun in PMD size 16,18
Extended Body in PMD sz 16,18
CDC Duns in BWO size 18
BH Shop Vac sz 16-18 in olive, brown
Bubbleback Emerger Sz 16-18 brown
Stimulator Sz 16 yellow
Partridge and Peacock Soft Hackle Sz. 16,18
Serenstupidity Sz 16,18
Psycho May Olive Sz 16,18
Olive Zonker


Ruby River - August 10th, 2014
  • Recorded:
  • Sunny
  • 83 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent

The Ruby is fishing quite well.  Trico spinners may be found as early as 8AM.  As the Tricos taper down watch for fish starting to switch to PMD's.  At times between emergences a hopper dropper can be the ticket this time of year.  Other terrestrials like beetles and ants are important too.

Caddis are very important on the Ruby too.  There will be yellow sallies as well.

Similar to the Beaverhead there are snails in the system too and they are well imitated with prince nymphs, purple psycho princes and zug bugs.

Flies to Fish:

Micro Mayflies Sz. 16- 18
San Juan Worms Sz.
Zebra Midge - Black or Red Sz. 18
X-Caddis - Green, tan, black Sz. 16
Lafontaine Sparkle Pupa - gray Sz. 16
MVP's in olive and brown sizes 16 & 18
Pheasant Tail Nymphs - Szs. 16-18
Prince Nymph - sz. 12-16
PT Cruzers in olive sizes 16-18
S.H. Dead Ray Charles sizes 14-16


Big Hole River - August 4th, 2014
  • Recorded:
  • Sunny
  • 83 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent
The Big Hole continues to fish well.  We are starting to see some of the late summer bugs.  Tricos are here so be ready for them in the mornings.  Spruce moths have been sighted too.  Mother nature will dictate when these start dropping.  Caddis remain important so have dries, pupae and larvae.  Follow the hatch up in the water column until the evening emergence.

Hopper season is starting and the bite has been particularly good from Glen down.  Hopper/dropper, Chubby/droppers are good rigs as the grasshoppers are getting going and the fish still remember all the various stoneflies.  There has been good action dropping rubberlegs.  Other good droppers include Copper John's in copper and red, Pheasant Tails and Prince nymphs.  The best sizes are 14 and 16 but sometimes a 12 is the ticket.

As always streamer fishing can produce some really nice fish so don't be afraid to chuck big junk.  White and copper is a good color to try.

Flies to Use -
Pat's Rubber Leg Stones in sz. ,8,10 in black and varigated colors
Stimulators in orange, yellow and royal in size 8-16
Chubby Chernobyl in purple, UV tan, pink Sz. 8-12
Foam PMX in grey gold, tan and black.
Yuk Bugs in sz. 4 & 6 in black & olive.
Copper John in red Sz. 12
Beldar Buggers in size 4
Zoo Cougars in white, and black size 4
Pheasant Tails in sz. 12
T-Bur Stones in size 14
Purple Haze in size 12
Twisted Sisters in tan, purple and golden size 8 



Clark Canyon Reservoir - August 4th, 2014
  • Recorded:
  • Sunny
  • 83 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent
Recent reports say that the bite is on at Clark Canyon!

Warming waters are leading to increased midge activity and good catching as the fish are moving into shallower water chasing the hatching bugs.

Try to mark structure like an old river or road bed and work it thoroughly.

Flies to Fish:

Ice Cream Cone Chironomids  Sz. 10-14
Sheep Creeks  Sz. 10 & 12
Tim's Flashback Callibaetis Sz. 14 &16
Crawfish patterns Sz 4/6
Small Woolly Buggers in various colors
Various Midge Pupae Sz. 12 & 14
Stream Flows
  • Beaverhead River at Barretts MT
  • Flow (cfs): 353
  • Beaverhead River at Dillon MT
  • Flow (cfs): 148
  • Big Hole River at Maiden Rock nr Divide MT
  • Flow (cfs): 461
    Temperature (°F): 61.16
  • Big Hole River near Melrose MT
  • Flow (cfs): 475
    Temperature (°F): 62.96
  • Ruby River above reservoir near Alder, MT
  • Flow (cfs): 90
  • Ruby River below reservoir near Alder, MT
  • Flow (cfs): 282
  • Jefferson River near Twin Bridges MT
  • Flow (cfs): 868
    Temperature (°F): 66.92
  • Madison River at Kirby Ranch nr Cameron MT
  • Flow (cfs): 1190
    Temperature (°F): 63.86