Fishing Reports

4 reports total
Beaverhead River - May 23rd, 2016
  • Recorded:
  • Cloudy
  • 44 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent

The reports from the upper Beav have all been awesome. There is some color in the river after High Bridge but those that have tried have done very well.  Clark Canyon stream which brings in that color clears quickly so these clarity events are short lived.  The weather looks good for clean water in the top section and excellent streamer and dry fly fishing.

BWO's are still popping and the fish are up eating them.  Fish an emerger underneath and you may triple your hook ups, try a split back.  There has also been some caddis activity throughout the Beav.  

Nymphing will be good with splitbacks, slim pheasant tails, Ray Charles, soft hackle sow bugs, San Juan worms, Zebra midges..under brighter sun try a Rainbow Warrior.  We are selling Tim's Beaverhead Special double dropper rigs now in the shop.  Try this pre-tied leader to increase sensitivity, decrease snagging and to really help find those massive Beaverhead fish.  The "Beaverhead Special" is the best way to hook up on tough tailwater fish.

We have had outstanding streamer fishing in the last couple of weeks.  Cover every lie....swinging will find a few but most of the fish will be tight to the bank in hit every hiding spot with a cast.  Some of our favorites are Copper Zonkers, White Zonkers, Dungeons in Olive, Midnight Fire New Age Buggers, yellow Belly Dancers.


Extended Body BWO sz. 18
Snowshoe BWO sz. 18
X-Caddis tan 18
Griffith Gnat 16-20
Quigley's Hackle Stacker 20

Splitback in Brown, Olive 16-18
Fire Bead Soft Hackle Tan, Pink sz. 14, 16
Pheasant Tails, 16-18
Ray Charles Natural, 18
Tim's Cranefly Larvae 8
Power Pupae pink 14
San Juan Worm Purple, Pink
Tungsten Zebra Midge, Red, Black 20

Copper Zonker
Conehead Bow River Bugger especially white,
Bead head New Age Buggers, especially brown.
Beldar's Rubber Legs, olive, yellow
Sparkle Minnow, all colors, especially white/chartreuse on bright days

Don't forget to take a look at Poindexter.  A great place to visit in the spring and this year is better.  Drop by the shop and we'll give you the full scoup of what's happening on the "slough."

Big Hole River - May 23rd, 2016
  • Recorded:
  • Cloudy
  • 44 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent

The Big Hole is bouncing up and down depending on weather.  Catch it on the right day and you might get outstanding dry fly fishing on BWO's, Caddis or drakes.  Dropper rigs off of smaller foam flies or big dries should do well.  

Nymphing should be awesome with rubber legs in 4-10 and San Juan worms....dead drifted streamers should be good in yellow, orange or white.  

Streamer fishing has been super hot at times during the mid day.  Try white, yellow and orange!!
Dry Flies
Purple Haze 16, 18
X-Caddis, 16
Snowshoe BWO 18
PMX Black 10,12

Rubber legs Black, Coffee, Tan 4-10
Bead head pheasant tail 16,18
Copper John's 14-18
Tungsten zebra midge red & black 20
Timmy's Super Bug 6
San Juan Worm, Wine, Red, Purple, Black

Zoo Cougar
Sundell's Screamer
Beldar Rubberlegs
New Age Bugger
Sparkle Minnow
Try white and yellow especially!.




Ruby River - May 1st, 2016
  • Recorded:
  • Cloudy
  • 53 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent


The Ruby has come down and is fishing very well below the dam.

Timmy's Crane Fly Larva sz 6
MVP's in amber sz 16
Tim's Cranefly dries sz. 6 & 8
PMX's in orange, size 10
Tim's Power Pupa's in pink sz. 16


Clark Canyon Reservoir - April 4th, 2016
  • Recorded:
  • Partly cloudy
  • 54 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent
The lake is completely clear.  We have been getting very good reports from anglers fishing from boats and from shore!

Flies to Use:
Chironomids  Sz. 10-14, especially Buzzers
Rickard's Seal Bugger sz. 8 & 10
Jig head buggers, two tone
Stream Flows
  • Beaverhead River at Barretts MT
  • Flow (cfs): 362
  • Beaverhead River at Dillon MT
  • Flow (cfs): 134
  • Big Hole River at Maiden Rock nr Divide MT
  • Flow (cfs): 2540
    Temperature (°F): 32
  • Big Hole River near Melrose MT
  • Flow (cfs): 2600
    Temperature (°F): 51.98
  • Ruby River above reservoir near Alder, MT
  • Flow (cfs): 451
  • Ruby River below reservoir near Alder, MT
  • Flow (cfs): 451
  • Jefferson River near Twin Bridges MT
  • Flow (cfs): 3010
    Temperature (°F): 32
  • Madison River at Kirby Ranch nr Cameron MT
  • Flow (cfs): 1140
    Temperature (°F): 44.6