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The Upper Beaverhead Opens Saturday!

The Beaverhead River from Clark Canyon Dam downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge opens this Saturday the 15th.  To say that we are a little excited to have this incredible piece of big trout water open would be a massive understatement.  The usual buffet that ranges from sowbugs, worms, and baetis nymphs to eclectic streamers and midge larvae will all be in play.  Play nice, there will be plenty of company.  

The Big Hole River has been stable for a week and is fishing well.  Cold nights and cool days have kept any bug hatches to a minimum, but streamers and an assortment of San Juan worms and stonefly nymphs have been catching fish.

Poindexter Slough continues to fish well with some of the more reliable dry fly fishing in the area.