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The Flushing Flows Have Receded on the Beaverhead

Planned flushing flows that peaked at 700 cfs are past and the river looks fantastic.  It is gin clear between Pipe Organ Bridge and Grasshopper.  The clarity is almost perfect at Tash Bridge as well.  The flushing flows were released to move silt from the river and Poindexter Slough.  Poindexter Slough and the river through town had not see flows that high in years.  

This was all made possible by an abundance of water in Clark Canyon Reservoir.  To our recollection, the last flushing flows were in 2019, they were iot this high and for not nearly this year's duration.  Our experience has been that the health of the river, bug populations and the fish all benefit.

Beaverhead River - The river is at an excellent level to float.  Midges and Baetis are hatching in the afternoons.  Post flush, San Juan Worms and crane fly larva will work as well.  Dark streamers on dark days, light on bright days. Olive perdigons, zebra midges and sowbug patterns wil catch fish all day.

Big Hole River - In typical spring fashion the river has risen and fallen with changing temperatures.  The river is fishing well with some skwallas on the lower river.  San Juan worms, Pat's stones, sparkle minnows and BIG prince nymphs have worked the best recently.  The river is currently on a mild dropping trend and should fish well through the weekend as temperatures rise.