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Ice Out

Clark Canyon Reservoir - Sixty percent of the ice is off of the lake with more disappearing by the hour.  It's obvious that several years after the reintroduction of more robust strains of rainbows that the reservoir is producing some good fish. A lot of browns are being caught as well.  There is fishable water on almost evey side of the lake with fish showing.  The warm weather ahead should eliminate the ice covering entirely by the end of the weekend. Fish are being caught on small neutral colored marabou jigs with chironomid larvae droppers.  The biggest challenge lately has been the strong winds.    

Big Hole River - The Big Hole has been fishing well.  Small worms, 1mm, olive Pat's stones and a variety of size 14-18 olive nymphs have been producing.  Expect rising waters with the warm temperatures, once flows stabilize, some of the best fishing of the year will be on.

Beaverhead River - Pink sowbugs are giving way to black zebra midges on sunny days.  The afternoons are producing good baetis hatches with some fish rising on cloudy days.  As always, keep in mind that the river is closed from the dam downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge until May 15th.