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Warm Weather and Increasing Flows on the Beaverhead ahead

The Bureau of Reclamation plans to start raising flows from Clark Canyon Dam this week. That will make floating much easier below Pipe Organ Bridge.  While we expect the fish to respond very eagerly, murky water could persist for a few days. Expect san juan worms, pink sowbugs, and streamers to be the ticket. An early opening day of May 15th has us eager to hit the upper river from the dam downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge.  As always, stay off the closed water until opening day.

The Big Hole is fishing well and relatively low, expect the flows to jump later this week as temps rise into the high 70's.  There will be a great window to find some spectacular fishing, skwallas?, before the river jumps from the warmer weather.  

Poindexter Slough has fished very well the last week and should continue to do so.