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Some "Hoot Owl" and River Closures are Lifted in Southwest Montana

"Hoot Owl" restrictions on the Beaverhead River from Tash's Bridge downstream to the mouth have been lifted.  The entire Jefferson River fishing closure has been lifted and there are no 2 pm closures. Lots of things are happening from a regulation standpoint.  The Beaverhead River in it's entirety is now catch and release only for brown trout.  Anglers are allowed to use only artificial lures that have one hook, no trebles.  Of concern to fly fishermen, you can still fish a two fly rig. The Beaverhead River will close to fishing from the dam downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge on November 1st until the 3rd Saturday in May of 2022.  Gray, silty water continues to make fishing on the uppermost section very difficult.  The water begins to clear somewhat near Pipe Organ Bridge and is gin clear below the diversion at Barrett's.  There are some crane flies around and the hopper - dropper fishing has been good around town.

The Big Hole River closures are still in effect.  The portion of the Big Hole that is open, from Dickie Bridge downstream to the Maiden Rock access, is now also under catch and release only restrictions for brown trout as well.  Single hook, artificial lures also applies as it will on the entire river downstream from Dickie Bridge as the closure on the lower end as the closure are lifted.  

"Hoot Owl" restrictions have also been lifted on the lower Ruby River.

We were just notified by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks of these changes.  Please refer to the homepage on their website for more details.