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Winter Will End, Maybe

Wow, Mother Nature dialed up a frigid one this Winter. Here in Southwest Montana it started in late October and is showing no sign of letting up anytime soon. Brave anglers immune to the cold have even had to choose their days on the water carefully. But, Winter will give way to Spring and trout, hungry from the prolonged freeze, will be on the feed as temperatures warm over the next month.  Here are our local top picks for those hoping to venture out in the coming weeks.

Poindexter Slough - The slough is at its best from March through June.  It has an abnormally high percentage of jaw dropping big browns and is easily accesible just south of town.  Leach patterns, olive Spanish Bullets, San Juan worms, and streamers will all work over the next month.  Depending up the temperature, we could see blue winged olives by April 1st.

Beaverhead River - The river downstream from Pipe Organ Bridge is open year round.  Zebra midges, olive Spanish Bullets, sowbugs, and streamers will all take fish over the next couple of months.  The Beaverhead is closed to fishing from Clark Canyon downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge until the third Saturday in May.

Ruby River - The Ruby fishes well in the off season.  The small tailwater holds an abundance of good fish.  Zebra midges, psycho mays, and olive Spanish Bullets will take fish, often fished under a small attractor dry in the late Winter into early Spring. Fish near the dam and take advantage of the mid-afternoon bite.