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outdoor vacation activity

When it comes to outdoor vacations, water sports are hard to beat and the argument for fly fishing is a strong one. There are plenty of activities to enjoy in the great outdoors with some easy ones like scenic boat rides and other more physical options like backpacking. Exploring hobbies until you find a passion sport is great but fly fishing really sticks for many folks and some turn into lifelong anglers.

Great for Families and Couples

It doesn’t matter if you want a vacation with buddies or one of the best family outdoor vacations, fly fishing is an easy choice. It gets you into nature immediately and most folks can get started without any experience. Group trips are fantastic with or without guides and can take place on boats or on foot. The flexibility really makes it ideal. You really only need water and fish and many fly fishing destinations are absolutely stunning. It’s also the perfect outdoor vacation for couples because most rafts and drift boats are set up for two anglers and a single rower. Take your own boat or hire a guide for the perfect couples retreat.

Always Room to Learn

Fly fishing is more than a one-off trip. You will learn basic casting and presentation techniques on the first trip or two but it quickly becomes addicting as you strive to improve those skills. The casting aspect always has room for improvement, especially while learning the single and double haul techniques. After casting, handling line, mending line and making the presentation require fine tuning. Throw in knot tying, insect identification, fly selection and even fly tying and you can stay busy for a lifetime. 

Unique Interactions in Nature

Fly fishing is a great outdoor vacation for a variety of reasons but the simple moments in nature make it special. I’ve seen black swim across rivers, elk and deer on the banks and even a battle between an osprey and bald eagle. Fishing on foot or from a boat places you right in the action and observing unique moments makes each day special.

Not Overly Physical

You can hike miles into the backcountry or fish from a dock. Fly fishing trips are flexible and customizable to any skill level. Physical abilities will certainly increase your range in the backcountry but standing on a drift boat doesn’t take much. This means the sport is open to pretty much everyone and that really does make it ideal for groups, families and couples looking for outdoor vacation activities.