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montana airports

Reaching Dillon is relatively easy with robust flight schedules into multiple airports. Driving here is also convenient with I-15 running along the edge of town. There are a few ways to go about reaching Dillon and many of our anglers plan road trips around Southwest Montana and even Idaho as part of a bigger vacation. Dillon sits on the edge of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and offers exceptional angling and welcoming Montana culture.

Airports in Montana

Bozeman is the most common airport for visitors to the area but flying into Missoula or Idaho Falls is also worth considering. It really depends on your timetable and the driving route you wish to take. For pure convenience, fly into Bozeman and drive over to Dillon. It’s easy and the drive is short and beautiful. 

The Missoula airport is less than 4 hours away if you drive I-90 to I-15. You can however take a scenic route by visiting Philipsburg then catching the Anaconda cutoff to the upper Big Hole Valley. Follow the Big Hole to I-15 and take the frontage road for a casual stroll in the country.

Idaho Falls is another option to consider when you have time to roadtrip in a rental car. You can drive up the Snake River, visit Ashton and fish the Henry’s Fork, go through West Yellowstone, circle down the Madison and Ruby Valleys, connecting to Dillon and I-15 for the drive back. It’s a great road trip route that covers a bunch of ground. Spend at least a week on this one because the amount of water is incredible and driving from Idaho Falls to Dillon or the other way around is surprisingly convenient.

Renting Vehicles

The basic airport vehicle rentals will get you to most places just fine. It’s always nice to have a mid-size SUV when you want to explore back roads so keep that in mind. Specialty rental companies also offer off-road capable jeeps and SUV’s outfitted for camping. Some have rooftop tents and are ready for adventure. These are a great option when you want to push the limits and save on hotel costs.

Planning a Route

There are tons of driving route options in the area or you can hang out in Dillon and spend your days exploring the Beaverhead and Big Hole Rivers on guide boats. The area around Dillon is loaded with hot springs and scenic routes that go through the Pioneer Mountains and the Ruby Valley. Spend some time looking over maps and put together a game plan for your next fishing trip to Dillon, Montana.