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dillon montana restaurants

Dillon Montana is a small ranching community but it has several excellent restaurants and bars to feed and entertain visitors. Grab a quick bite or sit down to enjoy a great steak when you hit town. The Dillon Montana bars are often hopping and there is no shortage of fantastic food options right in town.

Authentic Mexican Food

Dillon has some impressive Mexican food options. The taco bus is known across the state and few visitors leave without making a pit stop for a burrito or tacos. Salsas is also an excellent Mexican restaurant as well with indoor and outdoor seating. Both restaurants offer the option for takeout. Make an order and take it to the river for a nice lunch or dinner while fishing.

Sparky’s Garage

If you’re seeking a nice cafe with homestyle meals, Sparky’s Garage is a good choice. They have burgers, BBQ and plenty of robust meal options with beer and wine on the menu as well. It’s a staple restaurant right in town.

Blacktail Station Steakhouse

A true Montana restaurant with great steaks and burgers. Known for quality service and food that will fill you up after a long day on the water. If you’re famished from fishing all day, head over to the Blacktail Station.

Muffaletta’s Cafe

Mornings in Dillon require hot coffee and a good meal before hitting the water. You can sit down at a cafe or grab a coffee to go with a great breakfast sandwich here. They have great reviews for a reason. 

Papa T’s

Another wholesome restaurant with filling food that is satisfying after casting all day. The burgers and sandwiches are popular and they also have a nice pizza menu. The restaurant is a local staple and it will certainly fill you up with generous portions and hot meals.

The Atlantic Street Mercantile

Another great breakfast and lunch stop with hot coffee and cafe style food. If you like a serious plate of biscuits and gravy or a huckleberry smoothie, they have you covered.

Mac’s Last Cast

If you want a bar and grill style stop with cold beer, a full bar and great food, head over here. It’s a common watering hole for anglers and they have great burgers, sandwiches, salads and appetizers.


Dillon Montana Bars


The Beaverhead Brewing Company has a fantastic atmosphere and cold beers. If you want a traditional bar with cocktails, try the Moose, Club Bar, Office Bar, Knotty Pine Tavern, Dillon Tap House or the Metlen Hotel Bar & Cafe. The bars are fun but don’t stay out too late because the fish will be waiting in the morning.