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The Beaverhead has an Abundance of Cold Water

The recent blast of hot weather has not treated some of our area freestones well, but the hatches and fishing are getting better on the Beaverhead River over the last few days.  The irrigators have been increasing the flows from Clark Canyon Dam daily in recent afternoons, but should have the flows stable in the next few days.  The higher water level, normal for this time of year, pushes the fish to the edges making them much more visible and accessible to anglers.  The fishing has been quite good until the increased releases hit after noon.  We have always scratched our heads as to why they release the water at that time of day and not at 5 pm when most anglers are off of the river, but that is beyond our control. We count ourselves lucky to have a river full of cold water and large, hungry fish.  The average size fish this year is exceptional, on a river knowm for large fish.

Beaverhead River - The steady hatch of PMDs is in full force and is supplemented by the strongest Yellow Sally hatches that we have seen in a quite a few years at midday and through the afternoon.  Water temperatures are perfect and more fish are starting to look up with some excellent dry fly fishing in the evenings when the river is almost entirely devoid of fishermen.