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The Beaverhead Continues to Produce


Beaverhead River - Not a lot new to report from last week.  People are catching a lot of really nice fish during prolific PMD hatches!  A variety of PMD nymphs are producing with every day having a hot flavor.  The biggest change might be that we caught more big fish the last few days than we were hooking a week ago.  There are fish eating dries, both spinners and duns, if you are willing to look. The yellow sally hatches have been a little ho hum this season, but occasionally the fish lock in on the them in the afternoon.  The evening caddis fishing has been good as the sun leaves the water.  Update - The irrigators have called for more water.  We have seen bumps out of Clark Canyon Dam the last three days.  We continue to catch a lot of oversized fish, but the water clarity below Hildreth's Bridge has become marginal the last few afternoons.  The unquencheable thirst of local alfalfa fields is running the show rigtht now.  As flows level out, and even drop, the Beav should fish even better.

Big Hole River - The Big Hole is fishing well some days and not so well on others.  The fish still seem to prefer big dries.  Some really nice fish are being caught in heavy fast water water with dead drifted zonkers and other similar patterns.  The water temps are getting up to seventy degrees in the afternoons.  Hit the water early and leave them alone in the late afternoons.  We are lucky that the majority of the river still has good flows for float fishing.