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Lots of Water Flowing from Clark Canyon Reservoir

This afternoons flow of 898 cfs at Barretts is about 300 cfs above normal, yet still the Beaverhead River is fishing well.  A gradual cooling trend this week should help to hold water temperatures at a reasonable level.  The river is a little green coming from the reservoir, but it has had no impact on the fishing.  The river is fishing well with strong PMD and Yellow Sally hatches.  Caddis numbers are increasing in the morning and evening.  The Beaverhead is very much a bright spot from an angling perspective in the middle of a historically dry, hot summer.  As expected, anglers are flocking to the river and it's important to treat the river, the fish, and other anglers in an ethical and responsible manner.  

Most of our freestone streams in the Jefferson River drainage are in tough shape.  We politely ask that should you choose to fish them, do it early and with extra care towards the fish.  They are facing immensely difficult conditions just to survive.  We chose 3 weeks ago to not do guide trips on the Big Hole or Jefferson Rivers until conditions improve dramatically.