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The Big Bugs are out on the Big Hole and the Beaverhead continues to Sizzle

Despite some rising water today, which slowed surface activity, the salmon flies are making their annual appearance on the Big Hole River.  There are adults from Brown's Bridge all the way up to Jerry Creek.  They should be around fo a few nore days. Everybody loves throwing big dries, but the Beaverhead has been steadily fishing every day with extremely impressive fish coming to the net.

Big Hole River - The highly anticipated hatch is underway.  Salmon fly adults are present from Brown's Bridge upstream to Jerry Creek. A bump in the flows today knocked the surface action down, but some very impressive fish were caught despite the rising water.  Expect conditions to improve in a day or two.

Beaverhead River - The Beaverhead continues to fish very well every day as 750 cfs of water is putting more sow bugs and worms into the water column.  Small sow bugs near the dam and a combination of worms and sow bugs are working below High Bridge.  The streamer fishing has been excellent with cloud cover.  In addition, we are catching some fish on PMD nymphs which leads us to believe that the prolific months long hatch is not too far away.