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The Big Bugs are Out!

Wow, that happened fast!  Lasy weekends blast of precipitation blew the river up fast, it has fallen just as quickly.  An immense number of salmon flies have popped out on the Big Hole River from Brown's Bridge upstream to Wise River.  The fishing for the next several days to a week will be as good as it gets when the clouds are around and pretty damn good when the sun is shining!  The river is dropping fast and a plethora of other bugs will follow the salmon flies.  By all means get out and enjoy Montana's best freestone.

The Beaverhead is clicking along, producing plus sized fish every day.  Sowbugs, Barr's emergers, Spanish bullets, and San Juan worms are all producing.  If you are not catching fish, change flies frequently.  The fish change their mind every day about their preferred bug depending upon mood and where you happen to be on the river.  Within two weeks we should see the start of heavy PMD and Yellow Sally hatches.