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The Weather is getting Hot, along with the Fishing on the Beaverhead

We are just starting to see a few PMDs and Yellow Sallies.  The fish are mostly still on a worm bite with some sowbugs and small oilive mayfly patterns in play. Next week should bring full blown hatches with the gravy train portion of the season on the Beaverhead in full swing.  We caught a few fish on dries yesterday and expect it to be much better by the first week of July.  A handfull of golden stones are providing a little bit of big bug dry fly fishing from Henneberry downstream to Barrett's. Our local big fish factory - tailwater is ready to pop after fishing very well every day from the opener until now.  

Our beloved Big Hole is fishing well some days early in the morning but, 90 plus degree temperatures next week coupled with historic low flows will make things difficult.  This Summer is already brutally hot with a lack of water.  Please be smart and thoughtful about fishing our freestone streams as the weather heats up and the flows diminish even farther.