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Calm, Cool, and Cloudy

Pale Morning Duns have highlighted the menu for the trout of Southwest Montana over the last week.  Both the Big Hole and Beaverhead Rivers have had prolific hatches of PMDs recently.  Yesterdays PMD hatch on the Beaverhead brought a lot of exceptional fish to the surface.  When the sun is out at midday, the yellow sallies are coming out in increasing numbers as well.  

Big Hole River - The Big Hole is currently on the rise, again.  More moisture is forecast for tomorrow, which could dampen the dry fly fishing for the next few days. 

Beaverhead River - The Beav is going strong, and as mentioned the PMD and Yellow Sally hatches are increasing in volume every day.  PMD nymphs and dries in the morning will give way to Yellow Sally patterns from lunchtime through the afternoon on sunny days, while cloudy days will have strong PMD hatches throughout the day with very few Sallies showing themselves. The evening caddis fishing is gaining in momentum as well.