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The Upper Beaverhead Opens May 18th

We are beyond excited to have the upper 7 miles of the Beaverhead River open a week from today.  Better numbers and fat healthy fish are what we've observed on the open stretch from Pipe Organ Bridge to Barrett's diversion.  The upper river from Clark Canyon Dam downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge should be in excellent shape.  The stretch currently hosts the highest population numbers in the Jefferson drainage.  Using past winters with abundant flows as a guide, leads us to speculate that the premier stretch of the river should be fabulous this season!

Flows ranging from 125 cfs to 200 cfs from fall through spring in conjunction with a flushing flow of 700 cfs two weeks ago is optimal for the river.  Those with experience know that these conditions translate simply to more and bigger fish.  Clark Canyon Reservoir is full and the projection for good flows through August position the river as a can't miss destination for the summer of 24' as low snow pack and projected flows plague other Montana rivers.  

Beaverhead River - Flows are climbing from Clark Canyon Dam as thirsty crop fields are starting to receive irrigation water.  This will provide optimal conditions for float fishing for the opener.  The river at its current flow, 450 cfs, won't be too much for wading anglers as well.  Below High Bridge expect baetis nymphs, san juan worms and sow bugs to be on the menu for the opener.  The Dam to High Bridge is a bit more technical with midges, sow bugs and small baetis patterns as your best option.  As always, terminal tackle is a key to success on the Beaverhead.  Feel free to stop by the shop and we'll line you out with our preferred setup for the river.

Big Hole River - Rebounding numbers on the Big Hole are what we've seen on the river this spring and are confirmed by the FWP's recently released shocking data. We expect flows to begin to rise this week with warmer.  However, the river should then settle and continue to fish very well.  We've witnessed some excellent fishing with some spectacula March Brown and skwalla hatches recently.  As the river rises expect san juan worms and streamers to move to the top of the menu.  Also. the Mother's Day caddis hatch, which never occurs on the holiday, could make an appearance soon.  We'll keep you updated.

Poindexter Slough - The slough benefitted tremendously from this years flushing flows.  Accumulated sediment that had been clogging places no longer exists and we can see gravel that had been covered for years.  Recently, anglers have reported excellent steamer fishing with small and black being the best option.