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The Upper Beaverhead opens this Saturday!

Always a big date on our calendar, the upper Beaverhead from Clark Canyon Dam downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge opens this Saturday the 20th. This portion of the river closed early last Fall.  The big trout finning in this stretch haven't seen a fly since Labor Day weekend of last year!

Beaverhead River - The river from Pipe Organ downstream is currently off color with daily increased flows from Clark Canyon Dam. Poindexter Slough still has enough visibilty to fish as does the Tash to Trash section near town.  While that sounds discouraging, one of the best trophy tailwater fisheries in the country opens on Saturday below Clark Canyon Dam.  The usual stuff, zebra midges, sow bugs and small San Juan worms will catch fish after the opener.

Big Hole - The Big Hole is fishing well.  Flows started to increase today as rising temperatures cut loose some more snow.  It will be important to watch flows as the week moves on and rising temp bring more runoff.