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The Beaverhead is Wide Open!

This past Saturday we welcomed the opening of the upper portion of the Beaverhead River from Clark Canyon Dam downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge.  Anglers turned out in force to fish this elite tailwater section, which is common. Things have mellowed out after the original onslaught of pressure and the river is at an excellent level for both floating and wading fishermen.  I fished it myself on Saturday, and can report that the fish are indeed even larger than last year!  We saw and landed a few fish in excess of 20 inches, with the largest near 23 inches!  Stop in at Frontier Anglers South, our new satellite shop near Buffalo Bridge and say hello if you miss our main shop in Dillon.  We are offering shuttles and a wide variety of necessities at our newest location. Many of you will recognize Murph behind the counter if you visited Beaverhead Special in the past.

Beaverhead River - You'll need to use smaller bugs the closer you get to the dam.  Try a variety of midge and baetis patterns from size 16 to 20.  Tan sowbugs in size 14-18 are catching a few fish as well. Small San Juan Worms are the ticket below High Bridge.  The Beaverhead fish are notorious for liking a new fly every day until we start to see PMD hatches in the latter half of June.  You should change frequently until you dial in the bug of the day.  Persistance will yield some of the largest average sized fish in the state.

Big Hole River - Cloudy weather, stable and dropping water, that adds up to the ideal conditions to fish the Big Hole!  I saw the first few Mother's Day caddis showing themselves below Brown's bridge yesterday.  They are fickle little bugs, they despise wind and rain.  Still, they are ready to pop, and one of the most prolific hatches you'll ever witness is about ready to happen any day!  Streamer addicts won't find a better venue than the Big Hole anywhere right now.  If you don't want to complicate things, lob a couple of big San Juan worms out there and you'll find some very consistant fishing.