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The Caddis have arrived on the Big Hole River

Big Hole River -The Mother's Day caddis hatch has arrived on the Big Hole.  The science fictionesque hatch of small caddis is an amazing event to witness. The fish will eat most any olive caddis pattern when they are keyed in on them.  Should the fish not be rising during the day, they will at dusk.  That being said, even if the fish aren't eating the caddis, the river is in great shape and fishing well.  Streamers and San Juan worms are still on the menu as well.  The upper river produced some hawgs over the holiday weekend.

Beaverhead River - The Beaverhead received a lot of pressure over the weekend, but the crowds disappeared today.  San Juan worms, sowbugs, and baetis patterns are still your best options. The warm weather this week will make the river a great option as the freestones begin to rise.