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Clearing Water

The Beaverhead River had two feet of visibility and not may weeds floating in the water column at noon today.  That could revert back to the the silty, gray flows of last week, but we are optimistic.  It's been a crazy, hot, and tumultuous summer but it looks like Fall weather might be here to stay by the weekend.  Sowbugs, worms, streamers, and other possibilities exist.  Despite the negative PR and recent poor water conditions, the Beaverhead still has an abundance of large fish.  In fact, we are right at the target number of fish per mile to keep it a trophy fishery.

Elsewhere, very low water persists.  Irrigatgors should start shutting some water off soon.  Still, we cant deny that the water is as as low on the freestones as we've seen since the 80's on this date.  Fortunately, the water is cool the fish are coming to life and we just might be nearing the end of this prolonged period of less than ideal conditions. 

UPDATE - The flow on the Beaverhead from Clark Canyon Dam dropped in half overnight.