Big Hole fishing report: Big flies, Big Trout!

The Big Hole River is currently on track for some fantastic fishing this week; and, after the crummy weather we just experienced which bumped up the flows to the mid 8,000's, we couldn't be happier! 

As of the time of this writing, all sections of the Big Hole are currently running at less than 5,000 cfs; and with the warm days we have forecasted, we expect both Salmon Flies and Golden Stones to be taking flight and lining the banks in good numbers all along the river. In addition to this we are expecting to see a lot of hatching caddis flies and PMDs so get your gear ready for spectacular dry fly fishing this week!

The nymph patterns we recommend are: green Holy Grail flies in sizes 14 & 16, lime, amber and pink MVPs in sizes 16 & 18 and brown and olive Rubber Legs in sizes 4 or 6. 

The dry flies we recommend are the Extended Body PMD in sizes 14-16, PMDungs in sizes 14-16, the Troth Elk Hair Caddis in sizes 12, 14 and 16 and of course our large variety of Salmonflies and Golden Stones (including our Stimulator w/ Dropper Loop flies in sizes 8 and 10 in an assortment of colors). 

We foresee some stellar action on the Big Hole in the days to come so now's the time to make sure you're loaded up on all of your gear and flies to chase those large trout that we know make the Big Hole their home.

Give us a call or come in and visit us at the shop for more fly information, fishing techniques or even just a new hat! 

Tight Lines

PMD's on the Beav

Our guides were in a good PMD hatch yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours.  They were between Henneberry and Grasshopper.  (Extended Body PMD #16-18, PMDung #16-18).  (Barr's Emerger 16-18, Splitback PMD 16-18, Lawson's halfback 16-18, Bubbleback emerger 16-18).  

We have also found a super caddis pupae called the Holy Grail in 14,16.  This bug is HOT.

Up top the nymphing is dominated by PMD's, scuds and sowbugs.  (Splitbacks, MVP-Amber, Ray Charles, Soft hackle sow bugs).  Don't forget to pack some smaller San Juan Worms.  The hatch is on schedule and be looking for some hardcore dry fly fishing this week.  

The Beav is rocking and rolling.  Grasshopper creek is clearing....the water in town is green.  Low visibility, but green.  It's time to get 'em on the Beav.

Big Bugs, Big Water

Salmonflies are being spotted along the Big Hole River.  They are right on time, coming just as the river crests and now we look for the sweet convergence of fishable water and the biggest bugs of the summer.  We are fully stocked with salmonfly patterns and we are also ready to book your trip to chase them on the Big Hole!  It's still early so now is the time to book a guided trip!!  Call us in the shop right away and we'll get you booked.

Full on summer fishing

The Beaverhead continues to bump up slowly with the growing call for water downstream.  We're up to almost 400cfs so now boats can freely get around the High Bridge corner and the entire stream is good to float.  The last of the spring BWO's are about in size 20-22 and a few fish have been on them.  Midges have been super important up near the dam and best success has been on red and dark olive.  Splitbacks are also taking plenty of fish and we are fishing the PMD colors now.  In fact we've seen adults of both PMD's and Yellow Sallies in the air above town.  We're just a couple weeks away from some serious dry fly fishing.  Nymphing has been excellent through Henneberry.  The river is very clear and fishing great!

Opener look ahead

The big trout opener is on Saturday and once again the Beaverhead will be a tremendous place to fish. This tailwater fishery should have conditions that we'd rate an 8 out of 10!  With absolutely clear water down to High Bridge and good visibility from there to Grasshopper Creek,  that's over ten miles of highly productive tailwater!

Flows out of the dam are under 200cfs which will give the wade angler good chances. The river from the Dam to High Bridge is in fantastic shape. Be ready up here with sow bugs (Ray Charles, Big Horn Soft Hackle). Also midges (Zebras). Worms(SJ, Hot bead, wire). BWO's (Splitback, PT Cruzer--Extended Bodies, Snowshoe Baetis). Caddis are also trying to come back after the rise in water (Shop Vac, Holy Grail) The mega rainbows are waiting after not being fished for months!

Although the top is perfect, below High Bridge the water is turbid tonight, Thursday. Clarity was a little over a foot and fish were rising tonight to BWO's. This should clear rapidly and by Saturday expect good but not perfect visibility from there down to Grasshopper Creek.   Below Grasshopper creek and down through town the visibility will be worse. Poindexter Slough is a good option down there. 

Stop by for bugs and to look at a map. We are ready to help with anything you need to have a successful day of fishing. Have fun this weekend!

Beaverhead still fishing

We had a guide boat on the Beaverhead Sunday afternoon and they did well nymphing worms.  Cranefly larvae are another great idea following the rains.  Clark Canyon Stream wasn't rained on too hard this weekend so Beaverhead clarity is not perfect but the fishing is on!  Clarity will improve rapidly and remember we are here everyday with up to the minute reports during this wild spring weather.  As we count down to the opener we still have some of the best water quality in the area!


We've been hit hard here with beautiful cold spring rains.  Clark Canyon has again been nailed and is pushing mud.  Beaverhead visibility today from Pipe Organ to Grasshopper is just 10" and we are looking at continued steady rains throughout the day. just turned to snow outside the shop window a few minutes ago!

If you are bold today Poindexter Slough would probably be your best best.  The visibility is always a bit better in there than the main river.

Almost clear and ready to fish

The Beaverhead is ready to fish.  Flows have been dropped to 247.3CFS.  Starting today our chunk of tailwater is one of the best places in SW Montana to avoid runoff conditions.  Clark Canyon Creek is pushing a little bit of color but is almost cleared up...You'll want to stay above Grasshopper Creek though, below there it's gonna be muddy.  

We have miles of productive tailwater in great condition and ready to fish.

Give us a call here in the shop for up to the minute details.  406.683.5276

Restless fishermen, settling waters

The flushing flows have finished and the Beaverhead is settling into its yearly routine.  Flows have dropped to around average.  We are seeing a drop flushing flows but this is still a new flooding of the river.  Until last week average flows were in the neighborhood of 40CFS.  This dramatic rise will push tons of food down the river.  (White streamers, grey Ray Charles, worms and cranefly larvae)  Grasshopper Creek is putting out a lot of mud.  Above Grasshopper the river has a green tinge but is still cloudy.  This is from Clark Canyon Creek and should clear pretty quickly. 

Everything is settling down on the Beaverhead and this is already the best place in the area to escape runoff.