PMD's on the Beav

Our guides were in a good PMD hatch yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours.  They were between Henneberry and Grasshopper.  (Extended Body PMD #16-18, PMDung #16-18).  (Barr's Emerger 16-18, Splitback PMD 16-18, Lawson's halfback 16-18, Bubbleback emerger 16-18).  

We have also found a super caddis pupae called the Holy Grail in 14,16.  This bug is HOT.

Up top the nymphing is dominated by PMD's, scuds and sowbugs.  (Splitbacks, MVP-Amber, Ray Charles, Soft hackle sow bugs).  Don't forget to pack some smaller San Juan Worms.  The hatch is on schedule and be looking for some hardcore dry fly fishing this week.  

The Beav is rocking and rolling.  Grasshopper creek is clearing....the water in town is green.  Low visibility, but green.  It's time to get 'em on the Beav.