Warm Temps, Hot Fishing

Attention Anglers: now is the time to come visit and fish our local rivers, lakes, and streams! Throughout July both the Beaverhead and Big Hole Rivers have and continue to surpass our expectations for fantastic fishing-with the Beaverhead River yielding particularly great days and burly, beautiful trout. 

We recommend using a variety of patterns for the Beaverhead with some choice nymphs being: The Yellow Suzie P.T. Cruiser in size 16 or 18, the brown or olive Psycho Mayfly nymph in size 16 or 18 and the MVP nymph in size 16 amber color. That isn't to say the dry fly game on the Beaverhead isn't there though! Periodically throughout the day under brush and undercut banks an angler can entice resting trout with a variety of caddis and PMD patterns. However, it's late evening and early morning when one really starts to see pods of fish eating both in the film and on the surface. Some good dry fly patterns for these fish are going to be: both the tan Troth Elk Hair Caddis in size 18-14 and any CDC caddis in size 16 either brown or white. Also Purple Haze Flies in size 16, the Stenerson's CFO Ant in Copper/Black size 16 and lime green foam hoppers in size 16-14. 

The Big Hole, however, is no pushover! In addition to the great caddis, PMD and Chernobyl fishing we've been experiencing, many anglers are reporting seeing Spruce Moths working along the banks and the fish are definitely keying in on them. We recommend using the Parachute Madam X fly in size 12-8 to imitate these flying insects as well as the Stenerson's CFO Ant in Copper/Black size 16, the Get-R-Dun fly in PMD size 16 and rubber leg stone fly nymphs in size 10-6 numerous colors. 

However, that isn't to say these rivers are an angler's only option. As we enter the final, warm days of July one can expect to find a great abundance of fishing options here in Southwest Montana around the area of Dillon. Clark Canyon Reservoir has been reported to be fishing well, as well as the Red Rock River, Jefferson river and Missouri River. In the near future we are also expecting the hopper season to be fantastic this year so now is the time to come over and experience these waters for yourself!

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