August The best fishing of the year!

The Beaverhead couldn't be better.  I've fished it for 40 years and you would be hard pressed to find a better year.  The fish are Big, Fat, and eating like crazy.  We have clear water and cool water temps. and the fish are happy.  The PMD's are still going and the fish are on them., and the Caddis action is off the charts.  Try using a size 14 Elk Hair and drop a size 18 PT off the back.  The Trico's are there too and you'll find more and more fish on them as the season progresses.  And the big news is that our Craneflies are back!  Try tossing a size 6 Brown Bear Brown with a Craneman for a true dropper.  A deadly combination.   If you like fishing rubber legs now's the time as the fish are munching a well presented Yuk Bug up tight to the bank.  

August and the Big Hole, can it get any better.  Trico's, Blue Wing Olives, Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, and tons of nice fish.  The dry fly fishing doesn't get any better.   Watch the slippery rocks though.  Felt bottoms and a wading staff is needed.  Try using size 14-16 Royal Wulff's, size 14 & 16 black and cinnamon ants, size 12-16 Purple Haze, size 8-14 Dave's Hoppers, sz. 12 & 14 chart. PMX, and Black Magic's in sz. 10 & 12.  Nymphs will take a share of good fish too, but the dry fly stuff is excellent.

Clark Canyon is slowing a bit but still well worth fishing.  Anglers are still seeing good action with fish in the 3-5 pound range and on good mornings you should see some good action using midges, Yuk Bugs (yes Yuk Bugs) leeches, T's Favorite's, Prince Nymphs, and Bigg's Specials.

Poindexter has been fishing very well using grasshopper patterns, and the Trico's are starting to bring up a few good fish here and there.  I would suggest using a size 6 Craneman too with the set-up the same as for the Beaverhead.

The Ruby is worth a visit.  The Cranefly action is hot during morning and evening hours with some strong hopper action during mid-day.  Try dropping a size 16 PT or emerging Caddis pattern off a Dave's Hopper.  A deadly combination.  We have been fishing the new mop Cranefly with some amazing results.  These things should be illegal....deadly as heck!