Fall in Montana!

I was on the Beaverhead just a few days ago and the fishing was very good.  There were some very good fish on the surface sipping tiny mayflies.  I like fishing rubber leg bugs this time of year and the big fish didn't let me down.   Tossing 2 big ole' fashion Girdle Bugs did the job and this was during mid-day.  I had a really big fellow grab but I was a little behind the 8 ball - nothing new. The hopper fishing has also been top-notch, but remember that there are not a lot of grassing banks on the Beav. so look for those areas to produce best.

The Craneflies are still on the move and anglers fishing the right bugs are taking their share of quality fish.   Early and late is best, but again fishing certain rubber leg wets can take fish pretty much all day long and it's a fun way to fish.

Don't forget the Beaverhead is a tailwater fishery so there is going to be some weed.   I like to think of it as a positive thing, but I know from 40 years experience that some anglers do not like the stuff.  Fish below High Bridge or Hennebery if this is a problem as these areas are much cleaner.


The Big Hole is low but fishing extremely well.  The Trico fishing in the mornings can be epic.  The reason is that at this time of year there are 3 other mayflies also hatching, with the BWO's starting to take center stage.  It's time to be on the Big Hole as the big October Caddis are popping too and the dry fly fisherman can have the time of their life.  And did I mention streamer fishing!!!

Looks like we are getting a taste of fall this afternoon as the wind is blowing and the smoke is almost gone.