Beaverhead River

PMD's and Yellow Sallies continue to keep the rising all throughout the daytime hours. Caddis cap off the evening with a plethora of rising fish. The time is right. Just pick a section and go fish! Sparkle Spiders, Sparkle duns, Last Chance Cripples, Hen Wing PMD emergers, Parachute Madam X in Yellow, Goddard Caddis, and the Trashmaster will all work at different stages of the hatch and the day.

Big Hole River

Spruce moths are starting to appear on the Big Hole. Make sure you have Widowmakers and Blumes Spruce for this hatch. Purple Haze, Purple Ants, and small Hoppers will also persuade these fish to eat.


Poindexter Slough

We're seeing great fishing on the slough. PMD's in the morning and Caddis in the evening are giving dry fly enthusiasts what they want.