Beaverhead River

The dry fly fishing continues on a level that we haven't seen for many, many years.  The Caddis hatch has been huge with bugs coming off from around 11 am  everyday and usually lasting all the way till dark.  Our star employee, Butch, stayed out until 12 the other night fishing dries, and yesterday I personally witnessed one of the largest PMD hatches I've ever seen in the 41 years I've fished the river.   The fish are eating PMX's, Elk Hair Caddis, Godard's,  MVP's, Partridge & Peacocks, Split Backs, PT Crusiers, Zonkers, Brown Bear Browns, Girdle Bugs, Yuks, Craneman's, Bead Crusts, Two Bit Hookers, Sparkle Duns, Purple Haze, Ants, Dave's Hopper, Power Pupa's, Emerging Deaths, leaves, Marsh Mellows and ham sandwiches!!!!!   And they are getting FAT.  This is the time of year that our really big fish start showing.  

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