Beaverhead River

The excellent fishing continues.  The PMD's are still around - that's over 2 months of fishing them.  Look for spinner falls in the afternoon and duns starting around 11-12.  The Caddis activity is at an all-time high with numerous sizes and colors coming off.  From little blacks, size 18, to size 12 cream colored ones their all there and the big fish are grabbing them with authority, and our Cranefly hatch is back!   This has got to be some of the most exciting fishing you'll ever experience, we promise.   Big fish chasing size 6 dry flies.....good stuff!  With the weather don't forget to toss a few zonkers, size 8-4.  The fish are killing them.  With that said tie on a size 6 or 8 Brown Stone, Girdle Bug or Yuk Bug for a "true" dropper with a Zonker on for a point fly.  We put 2 fish in the net yesterday twice - at the same time - with this combo.