Beaverhead River

For anglers wanting to catch some large browns this fall you should be beating tacks to fish the Beaverhead. The fishing is as good as it gets. The water is still at around 600 CFS which is something I’ve only seen very few times in the 40 plus years I’ve fished the river, a flow that we beg for as there is more food and big boys are on the prowl and easier to catch. Fishing Yuk Bugs and Girdle Bugs is still key for turning the big guys, but dropping off jig head nymphs, size 12, under an October Caddis or Dave’s Hopper, size 8-10, can be extremely productive. Our weather is changing so the streamer fishing is going to be off the charts in the next few days. Zonkers should be first on the list. Although float fishing is best there are a number of places where you can wade effectively.