Beaverhead River

The season is changing and so is the fishing on the Beaverhead.   For most it is a difficult river to fish now, BUT if you use the right flies and fish the right water you'll think you died and went to heaven!!!   I only had one angler in the boat yesterday and we both figured he had somewhere around 120 grabs - a fairly good day to say the least! Here are a list of bugs to use - Girdle Bugs, in both olive & black size 4 and 6.  Yuk Bugs in size 4 & 6 in the same colors.  Size 6 & 8 rubber leg Prince Nymphs.  Dave's Hoppers in size 8 & 10.  Elk Hair Caddis in size 10 and 12.  Bread Crust size 10 & 12.  Partridge & Peacock sizes 8-14.  The October Caddis are here so a size 8 P&P is a good bug to either swing or lift especially when using a 10' rod.  Speaking of rods if you have a 10' 3 or 4 wt. that's the rod to use as you'll be able to make much better presentations and presentations are key right now.