Big Hole River

The Trico's are still going strong in the morning hours, but not in every run.  Look for flat water below riffles to find the best action.  Hoppers and large Caddis are getting the job done.  A great technique to use now is putting a size 8 Partridge & Peacock on for a point fly with a size 8 or 10 PMX or Elk Hair Caddis on for your first fly, use a drag fee drift and let them swing at the end of your drift.  The big browns are moody and like to chase things especially big Caddisflies.   If you're on the water early try using a size 6 or 4 Yuk Bug and fish the riffle water.  The large browns love them.  We've also have had great results using little Red Spots which is a little black soft hackle, size 16, with a red spot on the thorax.