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fly fishing destinations

Winter in Montana is cold and when the rivers ice over, we start looking to destinations to get our fix. Saltwater and freshwater fisheries around the world offer incredible opportunities. Here are a few of our favorite options for winter trips. You can do dome of these on a budget, DIY style but lodges and guides in remote locations make a huge difference.

Patagonia - Trout Fishing Paradise

Why stop chasing the trout season? Patagonia Chile and Argentia offer an incredible number of rivers and lakes with excellent trout fishing. You will also find some great king salmon fishing in Chile as well. The environments are divers with rainforest rivers along the Chilean Coast and the high mountain steppe of Argentina and often resembles many scenes in Montana and the American West.

Tierra del Fuego Sea Run Browns

Frontier Angler’s owner Shaun has more experience guiding sea run brown trout here than just about anyone alive. If you’re interested in swinging flies for the biggest, baddest, sea run brown trout on the planet, head on down. Dates are limited and this is a major undertaking at the opposite end of the planet but it’s well worth the effort.

Mexico Fly Fishing Options

Close proximity to the US and with great flight options, Mexico is a saltwater fishing paradise. You can hit a lodge, go completely DIY or mix and match by hiring day guides. The ability to customize your trip really makes Mexico a great option. Baja offers access to the Pacific and Sea of Cortez with roosterfish, dorado, yellowtail, sailfish and more. It’s a rich aquatic ecosystem on both sides and you can fly to Cabo or just drive across the border. The Yucatan Peninsula is also incredible with estuaries and flats holding permit, bonefish and tarpon. Again, you can fly to Cancun easily and rent a car or go with one of the several great lodges operating in the area.

Belize for the Grand Slam

Immediately to the south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is a major reef and a flats filled coastline where tarpon, permit and bonefish are abundant. It’s one of the best places on earth for a grand slam and permit anglers are drawn from all over the world to fish here. You will find world class guides and lodges and they are often necessary to have a good chance at finding fish. 

Bahamas have the Big Bonefish

You can DIY a Bahamas trip but the lodge based options are worth the extra costs. The size of the bonefish in the Bahamas draws anglers from around the world to fish here. While there are other species around, chasing massive bonefish on endless flats is the draw. You can spend days on end without working through a flat. 

Fly Fishing Staycations

You don’t have to leave the USA for great winter fishing. Hit the Florida Keys for tarpon and snook, the Gulf of Mexico for big redfish or jump on the Great Lakes or northwestern river systems for salmon and steelhead. The fly fishing season never ends and planning domestic trips is pretty easy.