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hatch iconic fly reel

Looking for a gift for an obsessed fly angler? Or a beginner looking to enter the sport? We have plenty in stock for the eager fly fishing community with rod and reel packages, wading gear, clothing and more. Finding quality gear is difficult with current supply chain interruptions but we ordered plenty of inventory to compensate and have something in stock for everyone. Here are the top picks from our shop.

Hatch Iconic Reels

This is THE reel that everyone wants. Most shops are flat out of inventory but we over-ordered and have plenty in the shop. The Hatch Iconic will serve everything from trout to big game saltwater trips with it’s run stopping drag, light design and precision engineered body. The reel comes in mid and large arbor options for small and big game applications. Steelhead, roosterfish, stripers, salmon, trout and everything else you encounter will be a fit for this exceptional reel.

Korkers River Ops Boots

The River Ops are the best boots we have ever worn. Our staff and customers are in love with these boots because they are extremely comfortable, stable and come with interchangeable soles for any surface type. Throw on rubber soles for fishing from a boat or clean river bed or swap to studs and felt for algae covered rocks and volcanic surfaces.  The River Ops have you covered and might be the best boots you ever own.

Scott Centric Fly Rod

Scott makes exceptional fly rods and the Centric is light, fast and made to cast all day with less effort. It can handle everything from tiny dry flies to big streamers and is a favorite with experienced anglers who really appreciate a rod made to fish hard and perform with each cast.

Yeti Gear

Yeti has everything from stocking stuffers to full size coolers with bear proofing and incredible insulation. The mugs, tumblers and bottles make for great stocking stuffers and gifts. Soft and hard sided coolers are something nearly every angler and hunter wants to own as well. You can’t go wrong with a Yeti gift.

Fishpond Gear

Hats, bags, nets and accessories from Fishpond are all top of the line and exceptionally well designed. We love Fishpond products because they serve a purpose, perform in the field and seemingly last forever. A new pack is one of the best gifts to give but the Burrito Wader bag, a new net or tippet and floatant holders will be loved for a long time. 

Simms Waders, Boots and Clothing

USA made waders that come from just up the road in Bozeman are prized possessions for many anglers. We carry Simms waders and boots and they are great holiday gifts. Clothing, sun gloves, sandals and anything with the Simms brand is a great choice for gift giving. 

Rod and Reel Packages

New anglers wanting to enter the sport and experienced folks wanting a fresh rod will all enjoy a packaged rod and reel setup. Our combo outfits from Echo and Orvis both have great pricing for high quality setups that come with the rod, reel and line. The Echo Lift and Traverse kits are both excellent for trout, bass and general applications. The Orvis Clearwater Outfit is also a favorite option with a really nice rod and reel in a five or six weight.