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Prime Time!

The highest flows of the year are receding on the Big Hole River and fanatastic fishing is just days away.  The PMDs are starting to pop on the Beaverhead.  We are entering a stint in Southwest Montana where the fishing can be off the hook every day!  Conditions will turn on a dime, so check in with the shop frequently, but the fishing that we wait all year for is starting to emerge.

Beaverhead River - The transition between no bugs and prolific hatches is underway on the Beaverhead.  We've been taking a few rising fish on PMDs, pale morning duns, the past few days.  The hatches will become more prolific this week and the best trophy trout river in the state will become more predictable as the week moves forward.  Guides who are intimidated by the Beav in the early season recognize that this is the beginning of the gravy train. Check in for the latest on hot nymph and dry patterns, it's on.

Big Hole River - After a surreal amount of moisture last week, the Big Hole is on the drop and should be down to a very fishable level in just a few days.  Multitudes of bugs; PMDs, Golden Stones, Green Drakes, Yellow Sallys, and Caddis will overlap over the next two weeks.  Pick a cloudy day once the flows recede and you just might see the best dry fly fishing you'll encounter anywhere.

This year is shaping up as one of the best big fish years in a long time.  We are seeing eye popping hawgs caught on a daily basis.  Get out there, social distance, and enjoy!