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Clark Canyon

The ice is receding more each day along the I-15 side of the reservoir and at the Red Rock end.  We are catcing some fish in newly opened water and expect the number of fish in close to the banks to increase as the warm weather this week settles in.  Balance leeches, turkey jigs, hot bead leeches, and chironomids are all producing a few fish.


Poindexter Slough - The fish in the slough are averaging a very healthy size thus far this year.  Rising water temperatures as the week goes on should make the slough a strong option.  Olive perdigons, pscho mays, and scuds are your best bet.  A few really nice fish are being caught on streamers as well.

Beaverhead River - The low winter flows on the Beaverhead have concentrated fish into the deeper buckets below Pipe Organ Bridge on the Beaverhead.  Hot bead sowbugs, zebra midges, psycho mays, and some small worms are catching fish.  Streamers are also generating a lot of action on overcast days.  Remember, the Beaverhead is closed from the dam downstream to Pipe Organ Bridge until the third Saturday in May.  Don't be the person that gets caught in the closed section.