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christmas fly fishing gifts

Christmas is coming and fly anglers love their accessories and gear. You can fill a stocking with fun gear that will be loved for a very long time. We have plenty of great items in stock with some filling the basic annual accessory needs of most anglers and others being for fun after a long day on the water.

Yeti Mugs

Everyone loves Yeti gear and they have a wide range of mugs and tumblers that are excellent gifts. The wine tumblers are a favorite for tailgate cocktails and they also have mugs for carrying water and cold or hot drinks on the river. The mugs insulate exceptionally well and will hold ice or keep your coffee hot for a very long time.

Fishing Accessories

Accessories are always needed on the river and restocking floatant, tippet and leaders is a great way to make your angler happy. Additional items like line clippers and forceps are also a great option. They are lost on occasion and it’s nice to have a spare set on hand.

New Sunglasses

Sunglasses become weathered and worn after a season or two of abuse. A new pair of shades pack down small in a stocking but the reaction will be big. We carry the new line of Bajio sunglasses made specifically for fly anglers. Available in a variety of styles and lens types, there is something for everyone.

Fly Lines

Lines wear over time and lose performance. Many anglers use old lines for too long when a replacement would have significant performance benefits on the river. Replacing a floating line with a new Airflo or Rio model is a great move. If the existing floating line is not worn, adding an intermediate sinking line for lakes or a sink tip for streamers is also worth considering. You can put the line in a stocking and add a new spool or reel as a present for the perfect gift.  

Soft Goods

Small articles of clothing are always a welcome gift. Gloves and socks are especially nice for cold weather anglers. You might add a few extra items like tethers for sunglasses, floatant holders and anything else appealing. Do a once over the fly shop shelves and a world of fun little gifts will quickly appear.

Fly Boxes and Flies

If there’s one thing every angler will love, it’s a box of flies. You can order a batch of streamers, a new box or put together a custom order for specific regions and waters. Flies are always disappearing and stocking up is a great way to fill a stocking.