Beaverhead River

Almost clear and ready to fish

The Beaverhead is ready to fish.  Flows have been dropped to 247.3CFS.  Starting today our chunk of tailwater is one of the best places in SW Montana to avoid runoff conditions.  Clark Canyon Creek is pushing a little bit of color but is almost cleared up...You'll want to stay above Grasshopper Creek though, below there it's gonna be muddy.  

We have miles of productive tailwater in great condition and ready to fish.

Give us a call here in the shop for up to the minute details.  406.683.5276

Restless fishermen, settling waters

The flushing flows have finished and the Beaverhead is settling into its yearly routine.  Flows have dropped to around average.  We are seeing a drop flushing flows but this is still a new flooding of the river.  Until last week average flows were in the neighborhood of 40CFS.  This dramatic rise will push tons of food down the river.  (White streamers, grey Ray Charles, worms and cranefly larvae)  Grasshopper Creek is putting out a lot of mud.  Above Grasshopper the river has a green tinge but is still cloudy.  This is from Clark Canyon Creek and should clear pretty quickly. 

Everything is settling down on the Beaverhead and this is already the best place in the area to escape runoff.    


Changing for the better

The Beaverhead has been fishing fantastic lately. The baetis are still around and the Mother's Day caddis are also starting to pop. Good fishing can be had throwing olive or tan Super Pupa's and Holy Grails in size 14-16. Fish one of these with a San Juan or size 16-18 baetis and you'll be in business. Holy Grails and other soft hackle pupa imitations can be especially deadly if swung wet-fly style. Elk hairs in 14-16 if you run into a solid hatch. 

If you're looking to hit the Beav for the weekend bite, be aware that flows out of the dam will be bumped up to nearly 600 cfs by Saturday, so the fishing above Barretts might be a bit tricky.....BUT the good news is that this increase in flow will effectively flush out a good amount of sediment from the upper section. This is the first time in the history of the Beaverhead that we have been able to get a flushing flow, and it is all thanks to our local FWP fisheries biologist, Matt Jaeger, and his excellent management policies. 

For up-to-the-minute news on Beaverhead flows, stop in at the shop or give us a call at 406-683-5276. 

It's that time of year where things are changing, but its all changing for the better. We're pretty stoked about the upcoming year. If our current snowpack holds, we'll be sitting pretty come August and September.