Fishing Report 3/16/17

The Beaverhead is very clear and fishing well from Pipe Organ to Grasshopper Creek despite the strong early runoff.  We've been watching fish feed on top to strong midge hatches and some BWO's (Rainbow Warrior, Zebra Midge #20) (Griffiths Gnat, Hackle Stacker) Think small...#18 is on the edge of too big.  It's worm time too, along with early spawning so try some eggs.   Streamer fishing has been improving and shop favorite colors are Olive and Yellow.  Sometimes Poindexter Slough will be clear enough to fish well even when the main river is blown out.  

The Big Hole is on the rise and running off color.  With just a foot of visibility there can be good streamer fishing.  Try orange.  You probably will want to let the Big Hole calm down a little before hitting it hard.

Spring inventory is flowing in every day.  Stop by or call us for the latest reports on the Beav and the Big Hole.  We can fully outfit you for all your fly fishing needs.  As area rivers start to blow out we'll be here with some of the best tailwater fishing around.