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Looking for the best-guided fly fishing trip in Montana?

At Frontier Anglers, because we believe the fishing in Southwest Montana is some of the best in the state, it is only fitting that we employ the best guides to reflect that. Our guides are professional, patient, knowledgeable, and above all, tons of fun to spend a day on the water with.


Originally from Missoula, MT, Shaun has been an outfitter and guide for over 30 years in Southwest Montana. Shaun became the new Owner of Frontier Anglers in January of 2019.

"Twenty years ago I would have called you crazy if you told me I was going to own Frontier Anglers, but here I am. I have really enjoyed continuing the Frontier Anglers tradition of providing service to everyone from just learning how to fish to even the most experienced angler."  – Shaun Jeszenka


Bernard, or "Barnyard" as he is known locally, has been chasing trout around southwest Montana for a number of years. His enthusiasm is contagious and always welcome on the stream.


Joe is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, on or off the stream. His fishing knowledge and background comes from years of guiding on the Missouri and now 20 years fishing and guiding the Beaverhead, Big Hole, and Madison Rivers.


When one thinks about Frontier Anglers, certain things inevitably come to mind; certain faces, names, and stories of times past. Dan Allen certainly fits that bill. Dan might perhaps be the longest-running Frontier Anglers guide, outside of the late Tim Mosolf of course. Dan moved here in 1990 from Utah and began his career as a guide being mentored by “MO.” He’s been a Frontier Anglers guide ever since. Thirty years of experience right here in Dillon, MT—how could you go wrong?

“Anyone good at guiding learned something from MO.” – Dan Allen


Do you know that one “fishy” guy you know that no matter what, he always seems to catch fish? Well, that's Bryan Chery! A native Montanan, Brian was born and raised in Northwest Montana and started guiding at age 19; when he moved to Dillon on a football scholarship. Bryan has been here eight years now, with no plans for leaving. But why would you?


Nick Johnston is a fourth-generation Montanan who got his start guiding in central Montana and moving to southwest Montana in 2014. Nick leaves Frontier Anglers in the fall and guides elk hunters. Nick also holds a business degree from Montana State University.


Dan is from southwest Nebraska, where he grew up fishing and hunting with his family. In his early 20s, Dan moved to Alaska and caught the fly fishing bug. Dan worked, and guided the next seven years in Alaska, and Colorado, before moving to Montana. He worked the Yellowstone area for a bit before landing in Dillon. Dan has been a staple here at Frontier Anglers for six years now; three of which as a staff guide. Dan is one of those guides with unlimited patience, a great attitude, and a smile you won’t soon forget. In the fall, Dan leaves us to guide pheasant hunting in South Dakota.


Graham came to Montana from Chicago in 1993 for college. And we all know what happens to someone the first time they visit Montana. Graham’s been here since 1993, honing his skills on the Gallatin and Yellowstone Rivers, and graduating to the Beaverhead and Big Hole River in 2010. In addition to getting clients into fishing, and teaching new skills, he feels the most important aspect of a guided trip is that everyone has a smile at the end of the day. Graham is a new addition to the FA staff and we are proud to have him!


If you have ever fished with us before, or perhaps someone you know who has fished with us recommended a specific guide to you, feel free to request a guide when you book a trip with us. We will do our best to book you with that guide provided they have not already been booked with another client.

To book a trip or request a guide, call us at 1.800.228.5263