Private Waters

Frontier Anglers offers some of the best private water fishing in Montana. Some of our waters require a guide, some do not, so please ask at the time of reservation. These waters tend to book early, so please reserve your spot early.

To reserve private water, call toll free at: 1-800-228-5263

wheats pond.jpg

Wheat's Lake

A beautiful setting with an abundance of large browns and rainbows. Wheat's is a very productive 21 acre lake that offers the chance at catching the trout of a lifetime – it is full of big fish. We have caught rainbows to 8 pounds and browns over 10!. An endless food supply of damsels, scuds, midges, Callibaetis, crayfish, small chubs, leeches, water boatman, and small ducks (at certain times of the year) prove that these fish will never go on a diet! Stalking bank feeders or going offshore and fishing hidden drop-offs and shelves, you’ll find plenty of action at Wheat’s. The ranch property also provides access to over 2 miles of the Beaverhead River. Rod fees - $125 per angler, per day. On your first trip you are required to have a guide with you. 


Johnson's Pond

Stalk the banks for big browns and rainbows at our latest private water acquisition. A Frontier Angler's exclusive, Johnson’s is the perfect getaway for the family, you & your spouse, or a fishing buddy. The fish are very eager and respond to a variety of flies. You can stalk them from the banks or slip into a float tube or pontoon boat and explore places that are untouched. This is really a fun place to fish that is close to Dillon and where you can catch some quality fish. Both browns and rainbows are plentiful and can tip the scales upwards of 7 lbs and reach lengths of 28". Rod fees - $100 per angler, per day